You can apply for an apartment from Savonlinnan Vuokratalot Oy (SAVUT) and Savonlinnan Opiskelija-asunnot Oy’s range of apartments via Savonlinnan Asuntopalvelu.

You can apply for an apartment if

  • you are coming to Savonlinna to study
  • you are coming to Savonlinna to work
  • you want to move from one home to another within the town.
  • your living situation has changed and you need a smaller or larger home.
  • you need a temporary housing solution, such as during a piping renovation.


How to find a suitable apartment

  • Click the “Asunnot” (Apartments) button below to go to our marketing search. You can also click here.
  • Under the “Asumismuoto” (Housing type) button, you can choose which apartments you want to look at: rental apartments (SAVUT) or student housing (SAO).
  • Under “Näytä” (Show) you can choose whether you want to look at all of our sites or only those that are currently available or will soon become available.
  • Under “Kaupunginosa” (Neighbourhood) you can choose your preferred area to live in.
  • You can also restrict your search using the other additional options.




How to apply for an apartment

  • Our online apartment application is the fastest and surest way to make sure your application is processed quickly.
  • Fill in the application carefully. Tenants are chosen based on applications.
    • The more areas you select on your application, the better chances you have of getting an apartment.
    • If you are applying for a particular apartment, we recommend that you specify your wishes on the last page of the application.
  • Please do not leave the online apartment application during the summary phase. Read the summary and check that the details you have given are correct and that you have specified your wishes on the application. Don’t forget to press the “Lähetä” (Send) button after the summary. If you don’t press send, your application will not be sent.

  • Once you have sent your apartment application, a confirmation message will appear on your screen to inform you that the application has been received and will be processed. No other separate confirmation of receipt of the application is sent to the applicant.

  • There is no need to provide separate attachments – we’ll ask for them if we need them. 

  • You can enquire about the status of your apartment application a few working days after submitting your application.
  • An approved apartment application is valid for 3 months at a time. You can supplement the information on your application by telephone or email, or by filling in an entirely new apartment application. A new apartment application will always automatically replace the previous application.

    • Don’t forget to renew your apartment application before it expires! It is not possible to renew an expired application, and in this case, you will need to submit a whole new apartment application to us.

  • You can also apply for an apartment directly from the marketing search. It is possible to add interesting sites to a favourites list (basket icon). By clicking the basket icon or “Näytä suosikit” (Show favourites), you can check the site son your favourites list. There is a red button at the bottom of the list that says “Jätä hakemus” (Submit application).

    • If you use this option, you will no longer be able to add other sites to your search terms. It will then be stated on your application that you are only applying for the sites currently on your favourites list.

    • Otherwise, the apartment application is identical to an application sent by clicking the “Hae asunto” (Apply for an apartment) button.

  • Send us an apartment application even if there are no currently available or soon-available apartments that match your preferences. Some apartments that become available are offered based on applications even before they are posted on the website.


Rental apartments

An enormous variety of choices for different life situations

Student housing

For students and temporary living


How to view an apartment

  • Fill out a apartment application before looking at apartments. This can help us to find just the right apartment for you.

  • We do not arrange viewings; instead, Asuntopalvelu provides keys for available apartments in the town that you can visit and view independently. Please bring personal ID with you.

  • We recommend that you view an apartment that you have been offered before accepting the offer, even if you have looked at the apartment on our marketing pages. The marketing pages are a guideline only and not all of the apartments at a site are necessarily the same as those shown in the images. There may be differences in surface materials, for example. Floor plans are also a guideline only and may not be to scale.

  • You can view the Kerimäki and Punkaharju sites by agreeing on a viewing in advance with Asuntopalvelu.

You will need an approved apartment application to view apartments. If you have not submitted an apartment application in advance, or if it has not been approved for some reason, you will not be able to view any apartments.